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Freak Fitness
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Baptiste: Power Vinyasa Yoga: Level 1 
1st-Jun-2006 11:13 pm
rainbow socks
I have been trying to get back into yoga. I know that it does incredible things for my body, but most of the time it's been depressing. I realized the last time I tried to do yoga that yoga reconnects mind with body--and my body is not a place I like to be right now.

However, netflix was already sending me Baron Baptiste's DVD and so I decided to give yoga one last chance. If this didn't work, I was going to have to wait until I could stand to exist in my body before I tried yoga again.

There's something about the power vinyasa. I think it's more athletic than most of the other yoga i have done. There was something about it that drew me into my body and at that same time allowed me to recognize the strength in my own body without getting hung up on what I couldn't yet do. Near the end Baptiste was talking about being present and how if you're not here, now, you're nowhere and lost. It made me cry--in that way that people sometimes do when they're massaged or do other things that connect mind, body, and heart.

Ok, so now to the nitty gritty. The workout is 30 minutes. It involves sun salutations with plank, up dog, down dog, chair, and forward bend poses. There is also camel pose, bow, warrior I and II, various stretches and ab work. Throughout, Baptiste doesn't do the poses, but instead talks you through proper technique, detailed description of correcting poses, and reminders about breathing and relaxing. I was actually able to do the workout without looking at the DVD for the most part, just because his descriptions were so clear.  Even though it's level 1, I think I'll be using the DVD for a while.
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