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What is Freak Fitness?
Freak Fitness is for those who don't fit the mainstream mold and are interested in attaining, maintaining, exploring, and enjoying fitness.

What do you mean by "don't fit the mainstream"?
If we define it too much, it becomes too constraining. Some examples, however, would be: goth, fannish, punk rocker, bi, pagan, open-minded free-thinker...okay, okay, enough about me ;] Truly, it's up to you. If you consider yourself non-mainstream and don't mind being called a freak ever so often, you'll probably do just fine.

Hey - that's me! But why start a fitness community for non-mainstream folks?
Because we should have a community where we can be ourselves and get more focused input on our questions and concerns. I mean, essentially.

What kind of stuff are we going to talk about?
That's up to you, too. How about: cool workout gear, reading material for treadmills, good iPod mixes for walking, interesting places to get healthy food, recipes, giving and getting advice without worrying what someone will think of you...anything you like, as long as it has some relationship to fitness. Those who wish to do so can submit a monthly check-in on their goals, based on this entry with templates and explanations, which is a really easy conversation starter. Also, I'll start some regular topics of conversation going, for those who are a little more shy or prefer to interact via comments.

You know, I think I'll stick around awhile.
Excellent! If you want to become a member, simply go to this entry and follow the instructions. You're pretty much guaranteed to be granted membership, and I'd love to welcome you to the group and introduce you to everyone.